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Steinbauer electronic powerenhancement modules

The Steinbauer team of specialists develops and produces electronic modules for optimizing the performance of turbocharged diesel and gasoline engines.

Most agricultural machines are equipped with electronically throttled engines and therefore do not deliver gross output.

The Steinbauer power enhancement module helps the engine to realize its gross power for which it was initially designed. In fact, this means a power and torque increase by additional 20-25%, depending on the model.


The Steinbauer system for engine optimization works according to the principle of increasing injection times at the engine break-down torgue. In contrast to other processes (e.g. pressure increase), Steinbauer does not expose the engine parts to higher mechanical loads than the manufacturer's design allows.

The increase in performance has no negative influence on the wear and service life of the engine.

Many engine manufacturers use this method and offer models with different performance parameters for the same engine volume on the market.



Increased machine efficiency due to higher working speeds. With a more powerful motor, the machine can handle a larger area and more work in less time.

Power reserves in difficult environments - in borderline situations, Steinbauer releases the full power potential to ensure safe and economical operation.

This is done without affecting the standard engine control unit and other systems. The module operates with the original control signals, receives, optimizes and transmits improved signals to the engine.

Steinbauer works in a single system with standard electronics. The values transmitted in the current operating mode are perceived by the motor as original signals. After a possible disassembly, the machine shows no signs of use of the control.

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